About | Sports: CanVelo - "Yes We Can!"

In 2006, a group of dedicated volunteers—led by Brigadier General (ret) Moti Regev—founded CanVelo— a sports club teaming blind and sighted participants. In Hebrew, the name translates to “Yes and No” and refers to the integration of those who can and cannot see.
CanVelo’s motto “Yes We Can!” sums up what we’re all about. We engage blind participants in team sports to promote social engagement and help develop feelings of belonging, accomplishment, and self-confidence—much as a guide dog does for a person who is blind.

In addition to providing a safe framework for blind and visually impaired Israelis to keep fit and meet people, CanVelo increases public awareness about the needs and capabilities of the visually impaired, the importance of guide dogs for independence and mobility, and the vital work of the Israel Guide Dog Center.

The Canvelo Tandem Cycling Clubs

Canvelo’s cycling club has become the most experienced and largest cycling club in Israel to integrate blind and sighted riders. Each weekend the club engages in on-road and off-road biking trips throughout Israel, as well as annual excursions abroad.
Each tandem bike team—with a sighted rider in front and a blind rider in back—works together to balance and propel the bike along the route. This helps blind riders develop valuable skills such as trust and communication—essential elements of working with a guide dog.

Today, the Canvelo cycling club has more than 100 sighted and blind riders, with sister clubs in the Sharon region and in northern Israel.

The Canvelo Dragon Boat Paddling Team

Introduced in Israel in 2011, CanVelo formed a dragon boat rowing team for sighted and visually impaired people. Today, the CanVelo paddling team has more than 30 members.
Dragon boat paddling does not require special skills and is suitable for men and women of all ages and levels of fitness. Each dragon boat carries twenty blind and sighted participants, paddling as a team to the rhythm of a drum. The team has won national
and international competitions in Tel Aviv and at the Sea of Galilee.

CanVelo welcomes guests on weekend cycling excursions.
If you are a biking enthusiast and plan to visit Israel,
contact Brig. General Moti Regev (ret.) at mregev_118@bezeqint.net.