Mitzvah | Project Ideas

These are just a few of countless ideas students have come up with. Use your imagination and develop a project that is meaningful to you, or adopt one of these projects:

Create a presentation and give a talk to younger Hebrew School classes. These talks raise awareness about unique obstacles found in Israel and how we use dogs to help people.

Walk Your Human 2K: One student organized a charity-walk where people walked a 2K with their pets. Each person paid an entry fee or got sponsors. The result: they raised funds, made friends, got some exercise, and had a wonderful day!

A student produced a “Best in Shul Dog Show” – where she raised over $1,000 from entry fees alone.

If you’re active in sports, get people to sponsor you for each goal,
lap in a pool, mile run or cycled, etc.

One teenager visited our center in Israel and interviewed 12 of our
graduates – then put together a calendar sold at Mitzvah fairs.

A group of 11-year-old students found a recipe for dog treats and produced them as their project.They sold the treats at their synagogue Mitzvah Fair, raising over $500 in one day.

Some students provide dog walking and/or pet grooming services – for a donation.

Include a message in your Bar/Bat Mitzvah invitations about your support for a particular project.

Students can turn almost any activity into a fundraising opportunity for the Center.
An ambitious project could be to run a mini-marathon (dance, basketball, hockey - any sport, etc.) and have relatives sponsor the student on a per-hour basis. This has the potential to be an incredible event - especially if participants get additional sponsors, e.g., a local merchant.

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