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Haim Shwartz (B) Guide Dog User, Works for the Israel National Insurance Institute


Erez Barkai (B) Guide Dog User, Musician and Music Teacher
Avi Brener (B) Former CEO of a major production factory
Dror Carmeli (B) Guide Dog User, Computer specialist and Tri-Athlete
Michael Goldberg Volunteer Puppy Raiser
Tova Yanovsky General Volunteer and also on the CanVelo Dragon Boat team

Audit Committee Chairman

Yariv Keren CPA
Amit Elkabetz Volunteer Puppy Raiser
Uri Basha (B) Guide Dog User, Goat Farmer


Roni Dick Corporate Executive –
Volunteer CanVelo – Dragon Boats

President USA:

Norman L. Leventhal President & Co-Founder of the Center, Warrington, PA


Herbert Gordon Retired business executive, Doylestown, PA

Executive Director:

Michael J. Leventhal, MBA Executive Director, Doylestown, PA

Vice President:

David Moskowitz, Esq. Attorney and land developer, Malvern, PA


Alan Victor Accountant – Treasurer, Furlong, PA

Marian Moskowitz, Partner, Land Development, Malvern, PA

Larry Brown
Business Owner & Dog Breeder, Pipersville, PA

Dr. Lance Horwitz, DVM – Veterinarian
Meadowbrook, PA

Marvin Verman, Educator,
Philadelphia, PA

Steven G. Leventhal, Esq., Attorney
Melrose Park, PA

James Wartenberg, Marketing Executive (Ret.)
Holland, PA

Dr. David Nover, Psychiatrist
Warrington, PA

Ms. Sarah Silver Luksenberg, Attorney
Penn Valley, PA

Mr. Robert Victor, CFO Comcast
Philadelphia, PA

Mr. Neil Gordon, Investment Advisor
Warrington, PA

Rabbi Kevin Bernstein, Veterinarian and Synagogue Educator
Elkins Park, PA

Mr. Jordin Mendelsohn, Marketing & Advertising Executive
Beverly Hills, CA

Tzippi Nissim

Office Manager & Executive Assistant to the Director
Joined IGDCB: May 2000

Amihai Toren

Director of Guide Dog Training and Operations
Joined IGDCB: 2001
Hebrew University, B.S. Marine Sciences
Guide Dogs for the Blind in Oregon, USA
Clicker Training at Guide Dogs for the Blind, San Rafael, California, USA

Rafi Taglicht

Director of Strategic Planning & Senior Guide Dog Mobility Instructor
3 years training - Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, England
Joined IGDCB: 1992

Yael Columbus

Senior Guide Dog Mobility Instructor
Joined IGDCB: 1992
12 years education with Matriculation
3 years training with Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, England

Yariv Melamed

Guide Dog Mobility Instructor& Responsible for Pension Dogs and Dogs for Special Needs
Joined IGDCB: 2001
High School: Toronto, Canada
1 Year scholarship with Guide Dogs Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
2 Year program at IGDCB, Beit Oved, Israel

Roee Rosen

Guide Dog Mobility Instructor
Joined IGDCB: 2007
IDF "Oketz" - trained dogs to detect bombs
Seeing Eye in Sasa, Israel & Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, California

Natanel Elbaz

Guide Dog Mobility Instructor
Joined IGDCB - 2010
University for Durable Development (Ecology)
Trained in Mobility Rehabilitation (use of a cane)
Trained at our center in Beit Oved, Israel

Yoav Ortov

Guide Dog Mobility Instructor
MA in Environmental studies
Photographer in IDF spokesman unit
Joined IGDCB: May 2013

Hila Benmeir

Guide Dog Trainer & Certified Mobility Instruction
Joined IGDCB 2014
Therapeutic Riding Instructor for 10 years
Border Security for the IDF using bomb sniffing dog 1 year

Jed Schlesinger, PhD

Psychologist, Staff Consultant
Education: PhD Clinical Psychology + Post Doctorate U.C.L.A.
Army experience: Paratrooper
Training: Specialization in Health Psychology
Joined IGDCB: October 2013

Orna Braun

Director of Animal Services& Co-Founder
Joined IGDCB: 1987
Professional Training:
Guide Dogs for the Blind Association - Great Britain
Veterinary Support Personnel Network

Timora Sela

Kennel Manager
Joined IGDCB: 2001
PE Teaching Credential, Wingate Institute
Two years with the SPCA - Israel

Dana Halperin

Guide Dog Mobility Instructor
Joined IGDCB - 2011
University - Studied Music and Sociology
Formerly worked in dog grooming
Trained at our center in Beit Oved, Israel

Vered Solomonovitch

Apprentice Guide Dog Instructor

Elena Konovalov

Kennel Director
Joined IGDCB: 2016
Full Matriculation, Dog Training Course Graduate

Dr. Sivan Shani

Joined the Center: 2010
B.A. in Animal Science, Israel
Veterinary Certification from Kosice, Slovakia

Avital Margulis

Director of Marketing
MBA - 12years experience in entrepeneurship and strategic marketing, sales activities, fund raising, business development, channels of distribution and management, market analysis and communications.
Joined IGDCB: February 2013

Dennis Allon

Director of Resource Development
Joined IGDCB May 2012
MA: Political Science, Hebrew University
26years experience as a non-profit professional, donor consultant and project manager

Lisa Baron Haet

International Liaison
Joined IGDCB: February 2009
16 Years Jewish Community Professional - San Francisco, California
BA - Recreation Therapy/Dance Therapy - San Francisco State University

Bracha Ben-Avraham

Assistant - Resource Development and Marketing
Degree in Preschool Education, Music Education, and Technical Writing
Freelance technical writer & translator. Former kindergarten and music teacher.
Musician: Specialty in Traditional Irish & Israeli Folk Music
Guide Dog user since 2009
Joined IGDCB: October 2013

Menashe Kashi

Director of Operations
Returned to IGDCB: 2014
4 years' experience as a non-profit professional, Operations, HR & Finance Manager
Education: MA in Political Science and Public Administration, Bar Illan University
MCSE - Microsoft Certified Professional System Engineer
BA in Social Sciences, Open University
Associates Degree - Business Administration and General Management, University of Haifa

Sarit Sharon

Joined IGDCB: 2009
Professional Bookkeeping & Computer training
Trilingual: Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese (and a little English)

Rute Teper

House Mother - Student Support
Education: Alternative Medicine & Management of nursing homes
IDF: Officer in acquisitions, Tel Ha Shomer, Education Department
Joined IGDCB: March 2013

Meir Mordechai

Maintenance Manager
Joined IGDCB: April 2008
Professional Background: Electrical Communication Systems

Aliza Lugacy

Kennel Staff and Building Maintenance
Joined IGDCB: May 2006

Bar Ben-David

Maintenance Department
Joined IGDCB: August 2004
Competitive Swimmer
Assisted in Dog Competitions

Efrat Gal-Mor

Human Resources Coordinator &Operatioins
Joined IGDCB: October 2012
MBA: Business Operations from Michlali College
BA: Human Resources from College of Management
10 years experience in Human Resources

Gal-lee Danon

Volunteer Coordinator
Joined IGDCB: 2015
B.A. in Business Management – Specialization in Marketing and Human Resources

Flory Embon

Apprentice Trainer
Joined IGDCB: 2017
B.A. in Behavioral Sciences and Animal Assisted Therapy

Michael J. Leventhal

Executive Director - USA Friends Organization since 2010
Treasurer, Volunteer Board Member and Database Manager since 1987.
MBA - Lasalle University, Philadelphia, PA

Noach Braun

CEO and Co-Founder of the Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind - 1986
Began training dogs while a paratrooper in the IDF
Guide Dog Mobility Instructor
2 years training - Pilot Dogs, Columbus, Ohio, USA
2 years training - British Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, England
First dog trained in Israel - 1991

Frieda Tinn

House Mother - Student Support
Joined IGDCB: September 2005
Professional Training: Executive Business Secretary & Culinary Arts

Ayal Lesh

Executive Director, Canadian Friends of the Israel Guide Dog Centre
Joined IGDCB: October 2015
BSc, Environmental Science, Trent University
25 years of experience in non-profit management and fundraising