Support | Create an Event

People the world over have created amazing events to raise awareness about the work we do. Here are a few of our favorites – but feel free to come up with a completely original idea! Of course we will support your efforts in any way that we can.

Walk Your Human 2K:A young girl and her family came up with this incredible event. The idea was to get the community on their feet, and bring their pet to walk two kilometers on a high school track. The event promoted a healthy lifestyle and created many new relationships between the participants. A small entry fee was charged to raise funds and awareness.

Best in Shul Dog Show: Congregants brought their pets to the synagogue and participated in a special show. A variety of categories were judged, and prizes awarded.

Peddle for Puppies: A biking event to raise funds and awareness. One particular ride included a stop at a local dog shelter to promote adoption. Since our puppies are in Israel, we become creative when we try to engage friends who live far away!

Form a New “Friends-of” organization in your area: We need dedicated volunteers from all over the country to speak at Hebrew Schools,Men’s and Women’s Clubs at synagogues, etc. We will gladly provide you with the materials and information necessary to get started, and will support your efforts with speaking and written materials. Give us a call at 215-343-9100 to find out more.