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CAN VELO - Tandem Bike Group invites guest riders


Group photoWhy do these brave and sturdy men and women don tights and knee pads to sweat and spin every weekend?  To increase public awareness of and exposure to, issues facing the blind (particularly those assisted by guide dogs).  Our blind riders and their sighted partners take on and off-road adventures in a different part of Israel almost every weekend.  The goal is to increase public awareness about the activities at the center, stimulate interest in our volunteer program and to seek public support of our activities.  In addition, this is a wonderful way to enjoy physical activity while being outdoors with good friends, and to sustain a social link between our staff, volunteers and graduates.


Riding past a camelThe group was formed in 2006, and the group's name, CAN VELO has a double meaning.  CAN = able, VELO = bicycle (in biking lingo).  Also the Hebrew word, CAN = yes, VE = and, LO = no.  So "yes and no" also refers to the sighted and non-sighted.  The group boasts 60 enthusiastic riders, including 20 blind graduates - who ride top-of-the-line Cannondale Tandem Bikes.  Many single riders join us for our weekly adventures - and visitors are welcome!  The typical ride is 25-60 km (16-38 miles) and varies in degree of difficulty.  Rides can be trail, road or municipal, the later having the greatest potential for public exposure.


In 2008 the group initiated the project, "On the Path of Independence."  Some rides can last a fewGroup riding days, (including overnight accommodation) all over Israel - most recently to the Golan Heights.  There are many psychological, social and physical impacts for both the sighted and blind participants; many personal stories of increased feelings of independence and multi-sensory stimulation for the visually impaired, coupled with a sense of group accomplishment.  And of course there are lots of laughs.  The group photo album is posted at: http://www.picasaweb.google.com/igdcb1


If you are interested in joining us for a ride, please be sure to contact us in advance.


Moti RegevBrig. General Moti Regev (ret.)

Former commander of the Palmacheim Airforce Base and helicopter pilot, Moti Regev is the driving force behind the tandem bike team.  You can contact him directly, if you would like to join one of our rides.



Announcing CanVelo New York!



Under the leadership of several wonderful volunteers, we have begun a

New York chapter of the CanVelo team.  We own two Cannondale

Tandem bikes and are looking for interested riders to join us.

Please contact:

Howard Spivak: hspivak@spivakarchitects.com




Judy Zorfas Spivak: judyzorfas@me.com


Or Call:



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Budget for CanVelo Club

Full Year of Activities                     $30,000

Event - 30 riders 3 days                $12,000

Purchase a Tandem Bike               $5,000

Sponsor one rider                            $1,000

Protective gear & Jersey                     $500

Annual Fee - per rider                         $100


Where blind and sighted riders share a vision!

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Sponsor a future guide dog and help us to provide the love and support that is so crucial during the first year of a puppy’s life. The cost to raise a puppy is $1000, which includes all of their food, toys and immunizations. We see to it that the puppies are raised in a nurturing and enriched environment to prepare them for the important work that they will do. In less than two years, these amazing animals will make a profound difference in the life of someone who is visually impaired.

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Me and my guide

Amit Bar-El was a soldier fighting house-to-house during the 2006 Lebanon War. As he rushed to the aid of a wounded comrade, Amit opened a door only to have a rocket fly past and explode in the wall next to him. He received multiple shrapnel wounds


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