Liron Artzi

28 January 10

Liron has never let age or anything else be a barrier in the pursuit of her goals and dreams.  Blind from birth due to a detached retina associated with prematurity, she always wanted to be treated like her her other friends

Profile in Courage

 Name: Liron Artzi

Age/Status: 25, Single

Resides: Kfar Saba

Profession: Lawyer


At the tender (and unusually young) age of 10 she received her first guide dog from a private trainer.  Her first guide dog, (a blonde Labrador retriever named Polly) served her joyfully until the dog retired.  Polly then became a pet in Liron's family and subsequently passed away at the age of 13. 


Since then, Liron has been so busy that she literally hasn't had a moment to come to the Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind in order to attend the three week intensive course to be paired with a new guide dog.  Liron volunteered to do the compulsory Army Service in Israel, even though she could have received a deferment due to her blindness.  She earned top honors serving in the Navy's Computer Division. She went on to study for her first law degree, again graduating with top honors.  She also worked in the Tel Aviv Prosecutor's Office during her studies


In October 2009 Liron finally found the time to come to the Centre to train and be partnered with "Petel," a beautiful Golden Retriever/Labrador cross.  The connection she felt when she met Petel at the Center was instantaneous and very strong:  "From the moment she came into my room at the dormitories in the Center, I felt she was special.  She's very gregarious and friendly to everyone she meets.  It can be said that her tail works overtime in the "happy zone."  "Petel is an adventurous spirit;" she has a bit of the rascal about her too"


"Petel is wonderful; she's one of a kind.  She has an amazing personality.  She knows how to "read me, sometimes without my giving her any verbal command.  This just goes to show how amazing  and strong the connection that has developed between us actually is!"    Wow 



Liron works as a lawyer in a Tel Aviv law office and travels to work with Petel daily. "Petel behaves beautifully; she's quiet and sleeps most of the day.  She knows intuitively that she is not allowed to cross the line of my office door.  When a visitor comes into my office she would never jump on them in excitement.  This is what I meant when I said that she has a very special personality and that she understands me with out the need for words."  My family of course spoils her just like the new baby.


In closing Liron adds: "Every time I walk with Petel I feel how wonderful it is to be with her, how she helps me get around obstacles and cross streets.  With her, I know that every journey will be safe and enjoyable."  Never one to rest on her laurels, Liron is presently pursuing a second advanced legal degree - in her spare time



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Amit Bar-El was a soldier fighting house-to-house during the 2006 Lebanon War. As he rushed to the aid of a wounded comrade, Amit opened a door only to have a rocket fly past and explode in the wall next to him. He received multiple shrapnel wounds


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