Eyal Neifeld

17 November 09

Eyal was wounded when a suicide bomber detonated himself on abus that Eyal was taking on the way to his army base. A Guide Dog changed his life; want to know how? read next... 

Eyal Neifeld took a seat on an Israeli bus.  It was a Sunday morning and the 20-year old soldier was returning to his army base after spending a pleasant Shabbat with his family. Someone else also boarded the bus that morning: a suicide bomber.  Nine people were killed and 37 wounded in that terror attack. Eyal was left in a coma. He awoke three months later to a world of total darkness and silence. He was blind and deaf. Fortunately, soon after he awoke from the coma, Eyal received two cochlear implants enabling him to hear again.


Eyal was determined to resume a productive life and knew a Guide Dog was part of the solution.  His bond with Billy was immediate. Billy helps Eyal attend Tel Aviv University where he has finished his first year in the study of Political Science. Eyal loves sports, likes cycling on tandem and attends many social events all of which he can do as often as he likes thanks to Billy. Eyal has also recently married.

A thousand words could not describe how much Billy has enriched Eyal's life. As Eyal proudly states: "I may have lost my vision but not my life. My zest and joy for living will continue as intense as ever".


We are proud to be able to help people in need, and with your help, we can continue to make dreams come true for visually impaired Israelis



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Me and my guide

Amit Bar-El was a soldier fighting house-to-house during the 2006 Lebanon War. As he rushed to the aid of a wounded comrade, Amit opened a door only to have a rocket fly past and explode in the wall next to him. He received multiple shrapnel wounds


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