Katia Valikorodov

16 November 09

Katia is a remarkable woman who dreams of one day producing documentaries.  She has earned degrees in Public Policy and Economics, and speaks Russian, English, Hebrew, Ukrainian, and Spanish.  Katia is currently enrolled in the school of Journalism at Tel Aviv University with her constant companion - a white Labrador Guide Dog named Dandi.

Katia Valikorodov

Work: Receptionist & Student
Status: Single
Home: Ramit Aviv


Katia with DandiKatia was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of five while living in the Ukraine.  Her disease was controlled with medication, until the fall of communism, at which time the insulin that she depended upon was improperly manufactured.  It wasn't long until her eyesight began to deteriorate which continued until finally at the age of 21, her family brought her to Israel to seek medical attention.  Unfortunately, the damage had already been done, and Katia lost the ability to see


While attending a support group for the visually impaired, Katia learned about the benefits of having a Guide Dog, and she immediately contacted us.  She had never had a dog before, but her new friends encouraged her to give it a try.  Katia was overwhelmed with the feeling of independence - no longer would she have to rely on her mother to lead her wherever she wanted to go.  "There are only two ways that I feel completely independent," says Katia, "When I am walking with my Guide Dog and when I dance the Tango."  Yes, that's right, she loves to Tango

Katia arriving for work with Dandi 

  As an added benefit, Katia found that working with Dondi helped uncomfortable about approaching a person with a cane, but a dog is a great ice to relieve her sense of isolation.  "Strangers are typically -breaker. Friends told me that Dondi will help me meet men - and they were right!  Most days you will find Katia working at our center - located just south of Tel Aviv - as our main receptionist.  She enjoys her work, and is always  available to speak with  visually impaired people and their families about the benefits of having a Guide Dog.  In addition to working and going to school, Katia enjoys riding a tandem bike with her friends


They say that journalism it is the Guard Dog of Democracy, but my Guide Dog is the Guard Dog of Independence.  "If I could meet all of the wonderful donors, I would thank each of them for providing us with the ability to be independent."  Katia is very special.



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Me and my guide

Amit Bar-El was a soldier fighting house-to-house during the 2006 Lebanon War. As he rushed to the aid of a wounded comrade, Amit opened a door only to have a rocket fly past and explode in the wall next to him. He received multiple shrapnel wounds


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